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math skills alphabetizing skills penmanship skills Bible skills
...the acclaimed Learning Vitamins™ series!

I wish all our curriculum was this easy
and got this kind of results. - Mrs. Elizabeth B., NJ

Learning Vitamins are some of the most effective, easy-to-use learning aids you’re likely to find for math, penmanship, and alphabetizing skills.

Here’s why Learning Vitamins are a great choice for you:

Learning Vitamins —

Since their introduction a generation ago, Learning Vitamins have proven to be among the most adaptable, versatile, and useful educational supplements of our time. In fact,

Learning Vitamins have been used —

Learning Vitamins work becaue they use a simple, direct, and carefully sequenced approach to skills mastery.

Just what are Learning Vitamins?

Learning Vitamins are —

For a generation, Learning Vitamins - the CalcuLadder math series, AlphaBetter alphabetizing drills, SanctiFinder Bible book drills, and ReadyWriter penmanship have thrilled students worldwide!

CalcuPak 1 and CalcuPak 2
Now, the classic Learning Vitamins are available in two easy-to-use formats —

So . . .

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