Free Samples to Try with Your Kids!

We’ll help you find the right Learning Vitamins® for your kids!

How can you tell where to start
your child in the CalcuLadder® math drills? Does he really know his basic addition facts? How about multiplication tables?

Could ReadyWriter® help your youngster eliminate the “jaggies” in his penmanship?

And would AlphaBetter® help your child use the dictionary more easily? Or could SanctiFinder® make finding Bible passages a pleasure?

We’ve selected sample drills for you to try with your kids to “diagnose” their skill level, so you will know just which Learning Vitamins to get for them.

These samples with simple instructions come in one amazing and FREE Sample Pak that you can receive right away via instant download.

Print out the Sample Pak, and follow the direc­tions to “place” your kids properly in the various Learning Vitamins programs. And remember, when in doubt, it’s better to start with something a little too easy than a little too hard!

The Sample Pak is in handy PDF format and prints out
easily with Acrobat® Reader® software already on your computer!

To receive your samples, just follow these steps:

1. Enter your name and e-mail address:
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2. Click on the "Learning Vitamins Samples" button:
3. Your Sample Pak will open in your browser or download for you instantly! Enjoy Your School Made Simple™ Sample Pak!

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